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Aquarian Alignment Programme

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What is “Aquarian Age”?

The “Aquarian Age” is said to have begun more than a century ago with celestial alignments. It came as a great teacher, and like any good teacher, it gave us challenges so that we learn at each step of our progress for the collective good. These alignments opened the portal to vast opportunities for humanity with the industrial revolution followed by the technological advances of today. The newly acquired knowledge came as a gift, and though it helped us progress and prosper, we forgot that the primary purpose was to use it for the benefit of the world.  

Today we have been brought down on our knees by an invisible intelligence giving us another opportunity to rethink our achievements that we are proud of like touching the moon and decoding the human genome.

So the “Age of Aquarius” offers us another opportunity through powerful celestial alignments. This time it gives clear guidance to go within the depths of the inner self; to readjust, reconfigure and realign with the help of the wisdom offered by the eternal universe, and to awaken health, wealth and happiness for all. 

What is “Aquarian Alignment”?

The Aquarian Alignment is a programme that utilises the planetary configurations at the time of birth as the basis to open the pathway to goodness in all aspects of life through powerful attunements, meditations and spiritual exercise. 

Understanding the relationship between the inner and the outer universe holds the key to unlocking the path to wellbeing in our life. One cannot escape cause and effect as it is an integral part of life experience. With each action and inaction comes a life lesson.  The outer universe and the inner universe work together to make sure we learn those lessons to progress as a soul.

Satjit describes the relationship of the physical universe with that of the inner universe in the following words:

 “Know that the physical universe in which we experience reality called life is a great helper to the eternal inner universe. The physical universe works through the alignments of planets, stars and other celestial bodies; setting lessons for us to grow as souls in the journey of life. In the cosmic dance of these celestial bodies, the inner-universe gives us opportunities to learn through the mechanism of cause and effect that you know as “karma”. In the life path of a soul, through which one experiences the cause and effect, are the steps to grow as individual consciousness, and as the collective consciousness.”

About the “Aquarian Alignment” programme

The “Aquarian Alignment” programme comprises of 12 stages that cover the period of each zodiac. One can join the programme at any time and begin the process of alignment.  For example, if you were to start the programme in February, the cosmic aspects during that time will become the basis of alignment through the programme. 

The purpose of the programme is to favourably adjust through attunements and other methodologies the challenges set by the planetary aspects in the horoscope.

A prelude to "Aquarian Alignment Programme" as a meditation is available here to join.

The programme will be available on subscription-based pay as you go basis that will include attunements, meditations, exercises and information specific to that period of the year. By applying the tools as guided by the programme, you will find an opportunity to align with guidance to achieve health, wealth and happiness through the higher vibratory states of the planetary aspects.


The programme commence on the 27th January 2021


The attunement programme will be available to join online to those who subscribe.

How to subscribe

To subscribe, please click here. Once you subscribe, you will receive an email with instructions on how to pay securely via various options to choose from,such as, PayPal, Stripe, credit or debit card.


Each stage of the programme costs $33 USD and is available on a pay as you go basis.

About the facilitator

Satjit is an intuitive, caring and qualified therapist specialising in both physical and energy healing modalities. His work has brought positive transformative changes in the lives of people around the world. 

As a transformative guide, Satjit has a unique capability to interpret and apply the workings of the higher realms for the benefit of others through inner awareness. He uses the logically structured system that he calls the  "Untangled Spirituality".  He began his journey on the path to experiencing spiritual awareness by understanding the concept of mind. 

Satjit has the gift of intuitive insights that he uses in his sessions and readings for the benefit of his clients. He is also a spiritual guide with a unique capability to tap into the higher realms for creating harmony in people's lives. His connection with the "eternal consciousness" and the "pure beings of light" has earned him the name - "Alchemist of Change''.

He is the creator and facilitator of various programmes, seminars and workshops in which he brings together a combination of techniques to harmonise the body, mind and spirit. Some of these are: 

  • ReflexoBalancingTechnique©
  • Trimatrix Healing© Technique
  • Trimatrix Healing© Seminar
  • Trimatrix Healing© Training programme
  • Energetic Realignment of the Spiritual Spine Workshop/Seminar
  • Inner Life Balance Coaching Programme(10 week programme)
  • Inner Life Balance Coaching Training Programme(10 week programme)
  • Satya Experience- A Meditation Workshop
  • "I AM" change - Seminar
  • Experiencing the Wholesomeness Meditation Workshop
  • Art of Giving Workshop
  • 10 Day Awakening of the SELF - Programme
  • Experiencing the Alpha State - Seminar
  • Shakti - Weekend retreat
  • Essence of Reiki
  • Aquarian Alignment
  • And other programmes

Satjit has created other meditation programmes for inner awakening and mindful awareness of the self. You can listen to these meditations and mindfulness sessions by visiting his official YouTube channel by clicking here