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    "Essence of Reiki" course creates a solid foundation for those who wish to be energy healers. This course does not limit the person to only do Reiki healing after the completion as it gives essential understanding and the tools to open up to other healing processes as well.

    It provides a clear insight into the essence of Reiki energy. The "Essence of Reiki" course provides self-awareness to experience the working of healing of the mind, body, and soul.

    It also gives a practical meaning to the process of Reiki healing.

    When and How?

    The course is available online.

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    What they say about Essence of Reiki™ Course

    A massive thank you!

    After the Reiki session I had with you, my mum (who had no idea I had a session) said there was a calm aura around me and she said it made her feel calm and peaceful. She has been so stressed out lately so I was very happy that the Reiki had also extended onto her.

    As if that wasn't enough, as of recently my female cat who is very sensitive has been avoiding me for the last few months because she can't cope with my stressed out energy and it is as if she absorbs it. After your session she came up to me cuddled me and slept cuddling me all night which says a lot.

    On a different note, I am also amazed at how powerful the reflexology sessions have been, you correctly identified illesses without me having told you and I am starting to regaining my strength and can see a light at the end of the tunnel first the first time in a very long time.

    I was lucky enough to find you and can not recommend you enough and I only wish other people who are suffering can be aware of your work and how much you could also help improve them on a spiritual, physical and even psychological level.

    - Georgia Phillipou

    Before I met you I was struggling with depression and panic attacks and had trouble concentrating. I was inexpressive and I was scared to talk to people for the longest time. The first sessions were enough to make my life do a 180 degree turn. You healed me and filled me with hope and light, which made me believe in myself again. I had changed so much that people around me started commenting that I appeared as though I had everything and was above all things.

    The reiki sessions were my favourite part because I learned how to accept, love and heal myself. I noticed that the lack of energy, the moodiness and my dissatisfaction with the world were just reflecting the innermost part of my psyche - the feeling of never being good enough. I have come a long way - now the world around seems bright and full of wonderful people.

    What I appreciate the most was how caring you were throughout the whole process of bettering myself and how you always answered my questions without any judgement, reassuring me whenever I was feeling down. Your words were a real eye opener and helped me pull through all difficulties I encountered on the way. From the bottom of my heart i thank you.

    - Victoria V