Trimatrix Healing Session

Life Changing Seminars, Coaching Programme, Powerful Mind & Body Balancing Sessions

What is TriMatrix?

In the most simplest form, the 3 parts of “us” - the mind, body and spirit that come together to form us as a complete living conscious being. Thus, Trimatrix is the parallel code that exists and that makes what we are at any given moment of our human experience.

What is TriMatix Healing™ Technique Session?

These sessions are the result of Trimatrix Healing™ Technique developed by Satjit Adhen and are based on his work of over 20 years involving energy and physical balancing sessions, workshops and seminars.

Satjit explains this technique in the following words:

Your body, your mind and your spirit are three different matrix. You see, we are nothing but the formation of a mathematical code that has its basis in the form of a physical and metaphysical manifestation. This intelligence that exists as “us” has a definitive structure. As humans we live by our senses so the body becomes the important aspect of us. This part of us is formation of trillions of cells and each cell is creations of many atoms. And each atom is formation of particles that are energy based. And that is where the magic exists.

Just because we cannot represent the mind and the conscious state some call the spirit, does not mean it has no “state of being”. After all, we and everything around us is the creation of our “thoughts” that have no physical form, yet the thoughts are the basis of all that is. We cannot overlook that.

Before a building becomes a building , someone has a thought of it, and then the rest follows. Therefore, with Trimatrix Healing© Technique I work to rearrange the code of these  three parts that give us the human experience in our three dimensional world. After each of these layers is reconfigured, I bring them together and bind them together with the divine code.

The experiences that begin to spring up following the course is like flowers on a mountain after the rain. These experiences are nothing short of “miracles” that are the manifestation of the new balanced state in the mind, body and spirit. They’re not external as much as one’s thoughts are not external. They originate from the internal source. At that moment of time, all one can say is “Eureka!”. This is what Trimatrix Healing© Technique is all about, to awaken the clarity that leads to a balanced individual who is ready to manifest changes and initiate a positive state of being for all.”

Although many of us are familiar with the word “matrix”, very few people actually understand why it exists and how it works? Therefore, to be faced with the word Trimatrix can be confusing.  “TriMatrix” as a word does not exist in any dictionary. It was divulged to Satjit during his deep contemplations originating from his pure connection with the inner-universe.

The most awesome process of this technique is to understand how to bring apart the 3 parts of the SELF, cleanse the code in each of them and then bring all them together. Once this is achieved, the final step is the most profound - to experience the amazing secret that would glue the SELF in perfection leading to co-creation of miracles for the self and others around.

What do the sessions involve and how do they benefit?

Each session works on the mind, body and spirit and involves:

  1. There will be initial talk that will lead you to an empowering self. This is the primary aim!
  2. You will start to move towards a deeper acceptance of many things that define yourself
  3. We will do a guided meditation that will untangle a lot of things from within and clarify a lot of things
  4. You will also benefit from energy healing technique that is based on Trimatrix Healing™ Technique.

How will it benefit you?

This session helps at various levels such as-

  1. Higher levels of inner awareness to identifies hidden potentials
  2. Helps untangle the mind and break hidden barriers
  3. Helps with self motivation to change physical, mental and emotional issues.
  4. Empowers to resolve with personal and relationship issues
  5. Gives a direction to in attaining aims and goals.
  6. Opens doors to paths leading to fulfilling life.
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