Inner Life Balance™ Coaching

Life Changing Seminars, Coaching Programme, Powerful Mind & Body Balancing Sessions

Inner Life Balance™ Coaching

Relationship issues, health issues, money issues or any other situations facing us have their roots within our minds. 

With the Inner Life Balance ™ Coaching programme with Satjit,  a pathway is created to guide one into a journey to SELF success. After all the solutions to every problem reside within our being.

Satjit, with his wealth of experience and knowledge, will incorporate tailored solutions to each individual coaching session. By the end of the coaching session, you will find yourself in a position that will give you the power resolve the most difficult issues faced by you.

What is it?

Inner Life Balance(™) coaching is a method of training our inner-self to awaken the hidden potential within us. Over several one-to-one sessions, the foundation is placed for a new “SELF”. 

Recognising that each of us are ingrained with the capacity to create situations in our lives which may or may not be beneficial for our personal growth, these sessions guide one towards focusing on the positive aspects to attain the dreams within.

The coaching sessions are structured in a way that start to work from the very first step. Be ready to be awakened, enlightened and face the treasures that reside in your inner universe.How is it given?
Inner Life Balance(™) coaching is given online over Skype or Google Hangout and also face to face. Due to the nature of Satjit’s schedule it is not always possible to have face to face sessions. But this does not affect the potency of the work that brings excellent results.

Who should do it?

Inner Life Balance(™) coaching should be done by anyone:

  1.     Who wants to go the next level in their life,
  2.     Who want to break away from the patterns that have been holding them like a web,
  3.     Reach new heights in personal self
  4.     Resolve relationship issues
  5.     Understand health issues
  6.     Family issues
  7.     and much more

Why should you do it?

The question is not why you should do Inner Life Balance(™) coaching but what will I get back from it?

Satjit’s technique involves down to earth approach, without any fluffy and non-quantifiable solutions. His experience and innate understanding brings results without harming the core values that you already believe in. Therefore, it builds upon the wonderful being that you are and enhances it with wisdom of the external and internal universe.

Think about this, on an average, the lifespan of a human is around 75 years. Overall very little time is available to many of us due to various reasons where we can spend it on resolving personal issues and working with our hidden treasures.


Anytime when you are ready to change your life, empower yourself and are ready to experience life like never before.


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