Inner Awakening Programme

Life Changing Seminars, Coaching Programme, Powerful Mind & Body Balancing Sessions

Inner Awakening classes

Actualization through Inner Awakening

Finding solutions to the challenges of life through “awakened actualisation”

What is the "Inner Awakening Programme"?

Inner Awakening Programme is designed to bring self-actualization by initiating the process of conversations with the subconscious in order to overcome challenges of life by finding simple solutions to complex problems by inner wisdom and guidance.

Each session of this programme initiates self-discovery as they help in finding ways to untangle inner knots with the help of structured methodology developed by Satjit Adhen.

Inner Awakening Programme comprises of two things;

  1. Weekly guided conversations guided by the inner universe
  2. and the workshops and sessions that expand the topics of those conversations and messages.

These workshops include inspirational conversations, deep meditations, and thought-provoking tasks.

"Inner Awakening Messages" video series - Every Thursday

To view the "Inner Awakening Messages", go to the official YouTube channel by clicking here and subscribe to get updates every week.

Date: 03/10/2019

Experiencing the Beauty of "I"

Date: 10/10/2019 at 18:30 GMT

A Seed of Beautiful Creations

Date: 17/10/2019

Vision and Power of the Self

Date: 24/10/2019 at 18:30 GMT

Inner Child

Why is this Programme so important in today’s world?

We are surrounded by “enough” that never completes us. In today’s world this is even more true than ever. The dissatisfaction that arises from the “enough” has left the society with emptiness. More and more people are disenchanted by the abstract nature of the mirage that surrounds them. 

Even simple things have become complex issues leaving people confused and lost. Choices created by the society have created scattered minds unable to find joy. 

It is said that every problem comes with a pre-designed solution that is waiting to be found. In order to find the solution, one needs to detach oneself from the problem that can be next to impossible for many. 

The mind is the creator of everything that exists in one’s life. And it will be the creator of all that is to come. The "Inner Awakening Programme" with Satjit has helped many people in various aspects of their life.

Purpose of the "Inner Awakening Programme"

  • To open doors to abundance of all good things in ones life
  • To create and experience better relationships
  • To have a healthy mind and body
  • To help one focus on things that are important
  • To awaken inner strength and determination
  • Bring a balance to the mind, body and conscious state of being
  • To become the power hub for beautiful manifestations
  • To experience happiness and joys
  • Become self awakened and find solutions to problems

What does it involve?

  • Profound and inspirational conversations 
  • Structured and personal meditations
  • Creative thought provoking tasks 
  • Exercises based on ancient yogic principles