Inner Awakening Workshops

Life Changing Seminars, Coaching Programme, Powerful Mind & Body Balancing Sessions

Inner Awakening classes

Actualization through Inner Awakening Workshops

You might “know”,
But now you will know what you really should know,
and your relationship with all that is.” - Satjit

About the Inner Awakening Workshops

Inner Awakening Workshops are based on the messages Satjit brings forward every Thursday during his meditative conversations with the eternal consciousness and the pure beings of light. These messages are powerful and profound that are filled with wisdom of the universe. Every message invokes the mind of the listener to a path of self-actualisation process.

The messages through which these workshops originate give the participant the seeds of love, light, joy and abundance of all good things. They are profound and are energised words of the divine states of the eternal consciousness.

The seeds of the endless potential within every person are ready to sprout if given an opportunity. The Inner Awakening Workshops are the catalyst for this process as they make pathways to self-discovery through self-awareness; new perspective through awakened vision, to look at life; its challenges and opportunities.

You can watch the Weekly Inner Awakening Messages by clicking here.

What happens during these workshops?

During the Inner Awakening Workshops:

  1. Satjit decodes the meaning of the message on which the workshop is based upon,
  2. leads uniquely guided meditations
  3. and gives the participants thought provoking exercises to help them experience the meaning of the message.

What to expect?

Expect to leave with:

  1. an awakened state of mind,
  2. with an awakened SELF
  3. and awakened vision.