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Essence of "I AM" and Inner Voice Messages - Weekly meditations and Empowerment talks

Every Thursday, an empowerment talk followed by guided meditation takes place. This programme covers various topics that help with inner growth of an individual. Anyone is free to join and benefit from the knowledge and information that comes through.

Inner voice when guided by pure consciousness speaks to the heart. It is the voice that brings forward thoughts as words that orginate from the connection with eternal wisdom that resides in what is called as eternal consciousness.

Satjit shares his inner voice as his experience. To agree with it or not is a choice as we all have a free will. So please be part of this experience in your positivity as it comes from a pure state of being. Every week a new message will be added so do bookmark this page.

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  • Topic:
  • Sincerity and Surrender
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  • Thursday 15/11/2018
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Essence of "I Am" - Inner Voice series

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