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  • "In the Circle of Protection with Archangel Michael" - A Meditative Workshop

    The darkness in this world exists to create the vibrations of fear. It makes us forget that there is light within each of us that comes from the source of love and purity. In this workshop, with the presence of Archangel Michael and the divine, Satjit will help realign and reconfigure your energies to be in the protective circle of eternal, pure fire.

    This process will help you and those you care for with protection against the negative lower states that have come forth to challenge our beliefs and faith.

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    Duration: 1 hour

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  • "Awakened Love" - A Meditative Workshop

    Satjit will guide you with the meditative processes to open the portal and connect with the source of endless abundant energy of love.

    Love is vast, its experience is infinite, its creations are full of life; Its purpose is to express itself through various forms in our reality and help us find the true soul-mate, to reignite the flame of love in relationships, to give a meaning to life, to give experiences of the miracle of love, to heal broken hearts, to end inner and external conflicts, to bring abundance of health, happiness and wealth, and to give the grandest of all is the experience; becoming one with the eternal ocean of love.

    Are you ready to experience awakened love?

    Duration: 1 hour

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  • "Birth of Miracles" - A Meditative Conversation

    In this meditation workshop, Satjit will guide through an inner journey to connect with the light of eternal consciousness to experience miracles in your life.

    Life is full of abstractions, obstacles and hurdles that are placed carefully for us to learn lessons that are essential for our growth. Although this is an essential part of our soul journey, the universe holds a gift to help transmute and transform the lessons into positive experiences that we can call miracles. This gift opens the doors to opportunities that did not exist, resolves conflicts, creates bridges where there were none.

    It is truly a joyous experience in which happiness sets in like the rise of the sun on the meadows filled with flowers.

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  • "I AM" - A Meditative Conversation

    Conversation between the "I AM" presence and the divine eternal consciousness is an experience that will change how you look at things, understand the meaning of life, your purpose and your path. You will experience the profound embrace of love that is the basis of positive manifestations.

    Even though it is a group meditation workshop, every participant will experience their own "I AM" self in communication with the divine eternal consciousness.

    You should attend this workshop that will give you a new perspective of your life with all that exists around you. More so, you should participate to see the divine self that is so beautiful and so grand within yourself.

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  • 9th Petal - The Chakra Divine

    9th Petal - Chakra Divine is part of the Trimatrix Healing™ Meditation Workshop series. In this workshop, you will experience the force of white magic and the magician that is you as the creator of health, wealth and happiness for the self and all that is. You will get a glimpse through a new vision and the power of pure consciousness through awakened consciousness. You will also feel the manifestation process as the resolution of hurdles in your life start to clear and make way to a new you.

    In short, the workshop will change the way you experience life. It will give you the tools to redefine your destiny.

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