Harmonization Healing Session

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A unique healing session

    There is an intelligence in the touch of love that heals the past, present and future
  • Harmonization Healing Session untangles and clears the blockages in one's life path. It is a gently powerful technique that aligns the energy field of the participant with that of the eternal consciousness.

    This process unveils the hidden potentials and gifts as it opens the pathways to opportunities in one's life so that the deepest desires can manifest into abundantly beautiful experiences.

    Each session clears the blockages, resolves deeply ingrained issues in all aspects of an individual's life.

    During the session, a unique message comes forward as a gift from the higher states of pure consciousness for the individual as a key to fulfilling a deeply unfulfilled desire.

Ongoing Registration

To book a session, please use the button below. Payment will be requested via Stripe after the session booking is confirmed.

Important Info

     You can choose to have just one session or multiple sessions. It is suggested to have at least 3 sessions for long term benefit.

     Duration: 40 minutes to an hour.

     For the sessions to be effective, it is advised not to have a break of more than a month between each session.

     How: Via Zoom, on camera. Good internet connection is a must.

     Important: You should be in a quiet and undisturbed space during the process.

     Hours of availability are:
    8am to 3pm CST,
    8am to 4pm EST,
    8am to 1pm PDT,
    8am to 7pm GMT

     If you have any questions or would like to share anything related to the session, please write it in the message section in the form by clicking here.