About Satjit

Life Changing Seminars, Coaching Programme, Powerful Mind & Body Balancing Sessions

About Satjit

Satjit is an intuitive, caring and qualified therapist. He is the creator of ReflexoBalancingTechnique ©, Trimatrix Healing© Technique, various seminars and workshops in which he brings together a combination of energy and physical balancing processes. You can see some of his work listed further below.

As an experienced therapist with many years of experience, he shares his knowledge and wisdom that he connects to when he taps into his inner source. He uses this to bring an inner awakening and in that process provides them tools to create positive change in their lives, bring harmony for positive manifestation of health, happiness and prosperity.

Although he was born, raised in India , Satjit now lives in in the UK from and travels around the world to bring balance to the minds and bodies of people around the world with his work. People experience oneness after meeting Satjit and with this become part of his ever growing “spiritual family” be it that they come from China, USA, UK, Bulgaria, Greece or anywhere else. In his work and his interactions with people, Satjit shares his life experiences to initiate profound changes that brings empowerment from within.  

ReflexoBalancingTechnique© technique is a gentle process of physical and energy  initially but it is very powerful in itself as it initiates profound changes at all levels of one’s being - physically, mentally and spiritually  Satjit is a medical intuitive with the ability to scan the "energy field" to help with the welfare of the person he works with.

People from all walks of life and age groups have found life changing benefits from his work as they have seen profound changes not only in their health conditions but also in their life generally. Those who have experienced Satjit's healing sessions lovingly call him the "Doctor With Healing Hands" although Satjit never proclaims to be a medical doctor. He considers himself a catalyst that initiates holistic wellbeing in the individual and always guides people to follow the advice of medical professionals, where necessary.

His journey to understand human mind and explore spiritual awareness began at a very young age. His connection with the "eternal consciousness" carved the path to deep inner awareness. Satjit is not religious and has never been bound by blind faith or any entrapments that limit the power of human mind. He believes that in the fact that as much as a stone can awaken a man to walk his true path, a "guru" can make one blind to the truth.

Satjit is the creator of various holistic healing techniques and is the facilitator of various seminars and workshops that are listed below-

  1. ReflexoBalancingTechnique©
  2. Trimatrix Healing© Technique
  3. Trimatrix Healing© Seminar
  4. Trimatrix Healing© Training programme
  5. Energetic Realignment of the Spiritual Spine Workshop/Seminar
  6. Inner Life Balance Coaching Programme(10 week programme)
  7. Inner Life Balance Coaching Training Programme(10 week programme)
  8. Satya Experience- A Meditation Workshop
  9. "I AM" change - Seminar
  10. Experiencing the Wholesomeness Meditation Workshop
  11. Art of Giving Workshop
  12. 10 Day Awakening of the SELF - Programme
  13. Experiencing the Alpha State - Seminar
  14. Shakti - Weekend retreat
  15. And other programmes