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Become a Conscious Observer

Meditation is the observance of the self in relation to all that exists in one's reality.
The keyword is "observance", rest is simply a distraction.
  • meditation programLearn how to awaken and balance the SELF with the Trimann Meditation™. This life-changing technique provides self-actualization through inner-awareness.

    As a unique meditation technique, it works to realigns and harmonize the upper and lower minds of the SELF.

    The transformation leads to profound positive change in life and opens the pathway to the highest potential of the self.

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WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF Trimann Meditation™?

     Trimann Meditation™ helps to become a self-aware individual and a conscious observer, an essential step towards a fulfilled life.

     It aligns one's desires with the universal divine force. This act of alignment helps to manifest positive states of health, wealth and happiness.

     Each session of this meditation process is unique as it provides a new perspective on understanding challenges and overcoming them with pragmatic solutions through renewed inner vision.

     It reduces stress and anxiety as it helps to bring inner peace and calmness.

     With new awakened vision, it helps to give inner strength to overcome challenges.

     Experience the mysteries of the inner world and the divine universe.

Important information

     You will receive a link and instructions via email to join the course after enrollment.

     You will be given tasks after each class. These tasks are important part of the course that must be completed.

     This course is held in a small group setting via zoom or a similar platform.

     This course has 5 live online classes of an hour each.

     Basic support is available. In addition, a dedicated support session can be booked here.

     The course remains incomplete until all steps, parts and stages are achieved.

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