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The Satya (Truth) Experience
Satya Experience Webinar
  •  Saturday, 27/01/2024

  •  4pm GMT

  •  $145 USD

"The treasures of health, wealth and happiness are within ourselves. We just need the pure light to find them. "

The “Satya” Experience is a short but powerful workshop created by Satjit in tune with the power of silence and eternal truth of pure consciousness.

As a healer who believes in the power of the innerSELF to create miracles, Satjit has brought together the powerful inspirations and touchings given by the great consciousness and beings of pure light, into a self-healing workshop.

Come and experience this pure power of silence and the power of truth in this workshop with Satjit.

What is this webinar about?

During the workshop you will be guided to bring inner understanding and a pure feeling of the stillness of time and space that will lead to eternal silence. Experience how time and space bring forward profound changes from within the SELF. Experience healing from within, like a flower blooming from within the SELF, and see your body unfold itself to the light of the pure beings who will guide you to self-healing process.

Satjit will take you through this journey of self-realization and self-healing with his connection with the great consciousness.

  •  Deep Guided meditations
  •  Self-healing activation
  •  Experience of Pure Consciousness SELF

This session involves pure space in time, a space which is filled with just the purest light.

The process of the workshop

In this 2 hours workshop, Satjit will guide you to become one with your higher and purest consciousness with the help of guided talk and 2 transformational meditations. The first meditation will bring you to the state of awareness about your unlimited resources and hidden treasures. The second meditation will guide you to share this wealth of your sources.

Why should you do it?

Remember, when you give you receive. And what you give you shall also receive. That is the universal law. When you become the “state” of giving and no longer an “action” as a giver, you will open the stream of unlimited abundance of all things that are important for you - health, wealth, happiness and all the goodness that you deserve.

Reservation & Booking

Cost of this webinar is $145 USD.

Important Info

     Webinar will be held via Zoom

     Please make sure you are in an undisturbed and quiet space

Any questions?

 If you have any questions, please send a message by clicking here.