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Transformational Meditations

  • MeditationsClick here to access the library of meditations.These short meditations are a compilation of information channeled by Satjit every Thursday morning. They are small drops of guidance and wisdom given by the divine universe that Satjit shares with others. Anyone can join and be a part of this experience.

    Although they are short, they carry transformational messages within a few lines of words. They speak to the heart and mind of the listener as a personal message from the universe.


You will find a great benefit from these meditations by following these simple instructions:

 Click here to access the meditations

 Find a few quiet moments for yourself

 Sit comfortably.

 Stay in the flow of the words and they will come together to form a message just for you.

 Repeat the meditation if you want to.

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 Thank you from the divine heart!